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Protections for:

Bluefin Tuna


Starting January 1, fishing within two bluefin tuna breeding hotspots in the Gulf of Mexico with a very  destructive kind of fishing gear – long lines – during their peak breeding months (April-May) will be prohibited by federal rule. The technique uses fishing lines up to 40 miles long with hundreds of baited hooks. Finally, half a century after this method was used to invade their breeding grounds and deplete them to remnants of their former abundance, bluefin tuna that come to the Gulf of Mexico to breed will have a safe haven. 

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Enemy of Education

Children and Giant Clam Shell © Shawn Heinrichs

Bored students are uninspired to learn and less likely to retain what is being taught. Yet we desperately need students to be both inspired and well-educated, especially when it comes to the ocean.  The youth of today become voters and citizens of tomorrow, who will have to make important choices in terms of what seafood they eat, how they use energy, and what they do with their trash. Our future on planet earth is inherently linked to the sea and it looks a whole lot brighter with generations of children educated and excited about the ocean. More here.

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Cod Collapse:

Leads to Fishing Ban

Atlantic Cod

Earlier this month, fishery managers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) announced that they are banning nearly all fishing for Gulf of Maine Atlantic cod for at least the next 6 months, to protect the severely depleted population.

The situation for New England’s iconic fish is sad. But there is a lesson to learn here.

The near collapse of cod is a result of poor management decisions that have favored short-term economic interests over the conservation of the resource. More here.