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Palau Proposes Ban:

on Commercial Fishing

Palau Rock Islands

The people of Palau, a small island nation in the northwestern Pacific, have long realized that the health and prosperity of their nation depends on the ocean.

Palau’s visionary President, Tommy Remengesau, is now calling for a drastic ban (bul) that would close all the nation’s waters to commercial fishing. This would essentially turn Palau’s waters into a 230,000 square mile marine reserve, roughly the size of France. Locals and tourists would still be allowed to catch fish recreationally in waters close to shore. Remengesau’s proposal to close Palau’s waters is certainly bold and his idea is extremely visionary. He understands that tuna, sharks, and other fish in Palau are worth much more alive than dead.

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Fellows Program:

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

Manta and Swimmer in Arborek

Meet Safina Center Fellow, John Weller and his Guardians of Raja Am​pat Campaign: Community-Driven Conservation in the Hea​rt of the Coral Tria​ngle​

The waters of Raja Ampat, Indonesia harbor more types of fish and coral than anywhere else on the planet — more than 1,720 fishes and over 600 hard corals, 75% of the world’s described coral species.

This remarkable biodiversity has remained intact for a reason: The people of Raja Ampat have practiced conservation for centuries, if not millennia. John Weller is helping to inspire local villagers to exercise their “adat” authority over their waters through an innovative campaign. Learn more: Weller’s blog on National

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Eat Seafood, Not Too Much:

Mostly Low in Mercury

Koho salmon.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have released updated draft advice on fish consumption for childbearing aged women and young children.

Check out Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown’s assessment of this new government advice.  Bottom line: Eat seafood, not too much, mostly low in mercury.

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