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Peter Matthiessen:

Safina Tribute in Audubon

Peter Matthiesson

The literary giant and naturalist wrote more than 30 books as well as numerous magazine articles. Friend and fellow fisherman, Carl Safina shares his memories of Matthiessen’s later years. 

“…on the broader unraveling of both civilization and the natural world, we saw eye to eye, both in anger and in hope.”

“Like a multivalent electron of some strange element, Peter could exist in numerous orbits in quick succession, one week being feted among the brightest literary lights and the next hanging out with fishermen or teachers or conservationists or birders.”

(Peter Matthiessen also served as an honorary board member of The Safina Center.)

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Sharknado2 – Enjoy It:

But learn more

Blacktip reef sharks, Raja Ampat

Safina Center Fellow, Ellen Prager and Carl Safina discuss science, entertainment and the summer’s shark media frenzy. 

The focus on sharks is in full swing–especially with the upcoming release of Sharknado 2. Prager and Safina see this time as an opportunity to learn more about sharks in the real world.

Check out Prager and Safina’s blog on Huffington Post. 

Just so we are clear, you are much more likely to get seriously injured while driving, using a toaster or playing sports than when swimming in the sea.  And rest assured that sharks will never ever be whipped up in a tornado and then drop onto your head.

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Eat Seafood, Not Too Much:

Mostly Low in Mercury

Koho salmon.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have released updated draft advice on fish consumption for childbearing aged women and young children.

Check out Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown’s assessment of this new government advice.  Bottom line: Eat seafood, not too much, mostly low in mercury.

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