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Sep 1st

Fishing Lessons with Carl Safina

Our fearless leader, Carl Safina, takes New York Times’ Science writer, Andy Revkin, on an educational fishing trip off of Montauk, NY.  Safina explains that size DOES matter, and that despite bragging rites, you should think twice before keeping your largest catch of the day.

To read Revkin’s full article that appeared in New York Times September 1, 2009 click here!

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  • Thanks for the post on the fishing trip. Just one detail. New York Times, not Newsday. : )

  • Sep 2nd 2009 at 9:38am
    boinotes wrote:

    Hi Andy,
    When I initially put up the post yesterday, it said Newsday, but I changed it within 15min when it dawned on me! However I am a bit confused because I noticed your comment was posted quite late last night. At any rate, when I pulled it up this morning, everything says NY TIMES. I truly apologize for the confusion.

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