The Safina Center

Oceanic whitetip, Bahamas.Oceanic whitetip, Bahamas. Photo taken by: Lance Jordan

About this site

Our Safina Center website is a revised version of the Blue Ocean Institute site launched on June 30, 2012.  The revision was orchestrated by web developer Justin Sainton. The 2012 site was designed by Justin Evans and developed by Joachim Kudish. We are very grateful to both Justins and Joey for their remarkable savvy, patience and grace!

Many thanks as well to Mike Misner, best known for his EcoOcean blog, to Safina Center VP, Jesse Bruschini and to Project Manager, Megan Smith for tons of content and upgraded imagery. Thanks also to Mayra Marino, Business Manager and Elizabeth Brown, Research Scientist for The Safina Center for their expertise, feedback and content upgrades.

The beautiful photographs that appear throughout the website are best enjoyed in our Photo Gallery. Most images are from our founding president, Carl Safina and from our Safina Center Fellows, plus a few friends of the Center. To all these talented photographers, a huge wave of thanks!