The Safina Center

Serengeti of penguins, Salisbury Plain, Falkland Islands.Serengeti of penguins, Salisbury Plain, Falkland Islands.Photo taken by: Carl Safina


The Safina Center staff includes scientists, writers, and dedicated conservationists – all with a deep passion for our shared ocean.

Carl Safina – Founding President

Dr. Safina co-founded Blue Ocean Institute in 2003. He now works mainly to help highlight and explain how the ocean is changing and what that means for wildlife and for people.
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Jesse Chapman-Bruschini – Vice President

Jesse Chapman-Bruschini serves as Blue Ocean Institute’s Vice President, where she oversees the operations of the organization with a strong focus on communications, publications, events, fundraising, donor and other partner relations.
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Meg Smith – Project Manager

I started working with The Safina Center in 2007, and after taking a two year break to teach English, I’m back as Project Manager where my hats are many and colorful.
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Myra Marino – Business Manager

I’m in charge of financing, bookkeeping, overseeing operations, and providing primary administrative support for Blue Ocean Institute staff.
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Elizabeth Brown – Research Scientist

I have worked with Blue Ocean since 2010 as their lead seafood researcher. I direct two other researchers and serve as the principal liaison with their partner, Whole Foods Market.
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