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Feb 26th

Farmed Fish Rise, While Wild Fish Remain in Trouble

For nearly all of human history, people have been hunter-gatherers. Agriculture has been a very recent development. On land, domestication dominates our food system—cows, chickens, pigs, and vegetables that we have greatly changed from their wild progenitors. Yet when it comes to food from the sea, hunter-gatherers have continued to dominate, right through to the industrialized present. But that’s about to change. For a wild-fish lover like me—and likely you, too—this passing of an ancient era may be a little disappointing.

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Dec 16th

Innovative Solutions: Reducing Unwanted Catch in Tuna and Swordfish Fisheries

In early 2012, scientists at the Florida-based Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center began collaborating with tuna and swordfish fishermen to see if they could finally solve a problem facing their fisheries for decades – The catch of too many unwanted species. The scientist recruited several fishermen in the region to try out selective, environmentally friendly fishing gears as potential alternatives to the currently used surface longlines.

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