Global Shark Conservation: Good News for Some Species, Alarming Trends for Others

Reversing overfishing, climate change, and population growth can seem insurmountable. Safina Center Fellows strive to amplify the global conservation discussion and, in targeted ways and places, they make a difference. Their drive to redefine the future of our… Read More
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A Monumental Chance for Monumental Protection

Last week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration hosted a town hall meeting in Providence, Rhode Island to discuss the possible designation of the first Marine National Monument in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean with scientists, conservationists, fishermen, and… Read More
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Help Horseshoe Crabs Live Another Million Years

Guest blog by Mike Misner (@EcoOceanBlog) Last year the NY/NJ Bayshore Watershed Council’s volunteer horseshoe crab monitors waded into shoreline shallows in the cold rain and found cold facts. They found fewer males than previous surveys and very… Read More
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