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Jan 20th

Ocean-friendly Seafood Research

Blue Ocean Institute offers many different formats for finding out whether a fish or shellfish is considered sustainable. Some people want to refer only to the color ranking available in stores or in seafood wallet guides. Others are satisfied with the short summary included in the wallet guides or via FishPhone. Still others read the entire seafood report on our website. Regardless of the format, the seafood information they use is based on many months of research.

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Nov 19th

To eat or not to eat…an endangered species?

Hunting of protected species such as whales, turtles, and primates for human consumption remains one of the leading threats to their survival. It can also be harmful to humans. Public attention focuses on cases such as the Japanese dolphin hunts depicted in Academy Award-winning film, The Cove. But most hunts occur out of sight and out of mind and the potential health effects are unknown to most medical professionals.

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Oct 12th

Daily movements of green sea turtles

Large marine vertebrates, such as sea turtles, are particularly vulnerable to human impacts due to their long lifespans, late maturity, slow reproductive rates, and extended migrations. Like most large marine vertebrates, sea turtles play key ecological roles in their environment when they are abundant. Green sea turtles are especially important in coastal areas because their grazing behavior significantly reduces nutrient cycling times in seagrass pastures.

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