Part 3: Certain Whales Might Adjust Their Hearing Sensitivity to Loud Noises

Written By Susan Kahoud – Navy Sonar and bombs used in anti-submarine war games, and Oil company sonar used to locate undersea oil deposits, can disturb, hurt, and kill seals, whales, and dolphins. At issue now is how… Read More
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Part 2: Naval Sonar Is Harming Thousands of Marine Mammals

Written By Susan Kahoud –  When several kinds of whales and dolphins began beaching themselves after the U.S. Navy held practice submarine warfare exercises using very loud sonar and occasional live bombs, scientists and conservationists realized that those… Read More
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Right Whale.

Human-Generated Noise in the Oceans: Time to Lessen the Crescendo

Written By Susan Kahoud In 1851, Herman Melville wrote in Moby Dick, “We cannot live only for ourselves.  A  thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among these fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as… Read More
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