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Dec 2nd

Sustainability Made Simple

Sustainability is a simple matter of the combinations of small decisions we make every day. One of the choices that we have the opportunity to make regards the amount of seafood that we serve. Portion size can be the most effective tool we have to begin to create a more sustainable relationship with our ocean. A complete meal of delicious crispy broiled broccoli lightly spiced with chili flakes and buttery, nutty, aromatic jasmine rice pilaf can be such a compelling meal that – oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the broiled salmon that was served with it.

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Nov 23rd

Fewer salmon mean hungrier grizzlies, unhealthy forests

Declining salmon runs on the west coast of North America have triggered a cascade of fishery closures over the last few decades. Now, biologists are interested in seeing how the loss of salmon is affecting one of their top predators;                           grizzly bears.                                                                                                                                                                                              

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