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Oct 30th

Pancake Sharks – The Cousins are in Trouble

Reversing overfishing, climate change, and population growth can seem insurmountable. Safina Center Fellows strive to amplify the global conservation discussion and, in targeted ways and places, overcome some of these obstacles. They bring a wide range of skills, engaging in every way from primary research to policy to popular media. They make a difference.

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Jul 17th

Do sea turtles see the [LED] light?

Guest Blog by Jesse Senko                                                                       When I first visited Lopez Mateos, a small fishing community on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, I remember walking a 40 km stretch of beach littered with dead sea turtles. At times the stench of rotting turtle carcasses was so intense I had to wear a bandana around my nose to avoid throwing up. It didn’t always work.

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