For the Love of The Coast Protect Coastal Wetlands!

For the past few decades, U.S. coastal wetlands have been disappearing. And they have been disappearing at a faster and faster rate. Coastal wetlands include saltwater marshes, freshwater marshes, swamps, and seagrass beds; these are some of the… Read More
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Fish too tasty to be legal? They could well be illegal

Recently, a group of scientists with the conservation group Oceana asked, ‘Just how big of a problem is illegal fishing?’ They asked how many fish are illegally caught. And how does it affect our oceans? We do not… Read More
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Heads Up!

Blue Ocean Fellow, Dr. Demian Chapman, is in The Bahamas right now catching, tagging and releasing oceanic whitetip sharks. Here is his latest dispatch: Heads up! Sharks are not known for popping their heads out of the water, but I… Read More
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