The Safina Center

What Do Animals:

Think & Feel?

Dolphin pod, Santa Cruz


What’s going on inside the brains of animals? Can we know what, or if, they’re thinking and feeling? Carl Safina thinks we can. Using discoveries and anecdotes that span ecology, biology and behavioral science, Safina weaves together stories of whales, wolves, elephants and albatrosses to argue that just as we think, feel, use tools and express emotions, so too do the other creatures – and minds – that share the Earth with us.

Based on Safina’s new book, Beyond Words: What Animals Think and Feel.

Beyond-WordsMore about  Beyond Words.

Charitybuzz Auction:


Sunset over Wayag Bay


Don’t miss out – the bidding is heating up on our Charitybuzz auction site.

From a fishing trip with Carl Safina to an Adirondack cabin and Caribbean resorts, there’s something special for the conservationist in us all.

Amazing offers this year from Blue Hill Restaurant in NYC and Lindblad Expeditions

Our auction ends December 2
at 3:00 pm EST.

Complete list of auction items here.

All proceeds benefit The Safina Center.


Sustainable Seafood:

Low Mercury, Omega-3s

Greenest of the Green info-graphic. Click on the image to enlarge it!

Greenest of the Green

What seafood is sustainably caught or farmed? What fish and shellfish are safe to eat? What seafood is the healthiest? We get these questions from consumers all the time! So here’s our answer— a list of seafood recommendations called Greenest of the Green.

Do yourself and the ocean a favor! Check out this new blog (and cool illustration!) to find out which seafood is sustainably caught (green rated), low in mercury and rich in omega-3s.

“Greenest of the Green” is a trifecta of good advice: from mussels to mackerel!

Full blog here.

Infographic here.