Sunset near Lazy Point, Long Island, NY.

Our Changing Ocean

As vast and powerful as it is, the ocean has changed significantly because of people. The impact and damage can be difficult to see–the ocean’s enduring beauty betrays its plight. But what you see today is a diminished version of a much healthier ocean of not so long ago.

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The catch at Point Adolphus.

Fish as Food

About 1 billion people–largely in developing countries–rely on fish as their primary source for animal protein. That’s a lot of fish tied to human health and well being.
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Albatross over lagoon, Midway Atoll

New Energy Future

Since first becoming human, we have been burning things to harness energy. To become fully human we’ll have to come out of the cave, quench the fires, and harness non-burning energy.
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Dolphin pod, Santa Cruz

Ocean Wildlife

Marine conservation encompasses a wonderful cornucopia of life–creatures that live in the ocean or glide above it. These players in the great ocean drama are intimately connected to the health of the seas, as are we all. It is a… Read More
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Playful Gray Whale Calf

Nature and Human Welfare

Nature and human welfare are deeply connected although at times the connection is lost, muddled, or overlooked.  Carl Safina, The Safina Center founder and MacArthur Fellow, illuminates our relationship with nature in the context of population, politics, and science.
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