Fish as Food

The catch at Point Adolphus.

More than a billion people–largely in developing countries–rely on fish as their primary source for animal protein.  That’s a lot of fish tied to human health and well being.

In this Fish as Food issue, we describe topics as they relate to fish as a vital nutrient or as a healthy dish to occasionally savor.  Sustainable Seafood Choices provides practical, hands-on guidelines to eating wild-caught fish.  This information will help you become a more conscientious consumer who keeps healthy oceans in mind.

Is there enough fish for everyone?  We talk about that in Overfishing — one of the global challenges to finding a balance between ocean and human health.  Another issue related to commercial fishing is Bycatch, the unintentional catch of other species.  Aquaculture is a viable, growing industry that provides additional fish for our growing demand.  But there are real concerns about many of these farm-raised fish.

In our Advice for Medical Professionals you’ll find easy to understand information about the risks and benefits of eating seafood. And there are simple guidelines, blogs and tutorials to understand Mercury in Seafood, too. Check out Seafood Fraud to learn about seafood being sold under false names.