Sustainable Seafood Choices

Coho salmon.

Not all seafood is equal.
Consumer choices do make a difference 
for ocean life.

Our online Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood will help you discover the connection between a healthy ocean, fishing, and seafood. Just type in the seafood you’re interested in and see how it rates.

The Safina Center’s staff determine’s color-coded rankings for popular seafood by evaluating species’ life history, abundance in the wild, habitat issues, and catch method. We also include health advisory information on mercury and other contaminants. Our peer-reviewed work is transparent, authoritative, and easy for consumers to understand and use. Full species reports are provided for each species we rank.

Increased consumer understanding can drive demand for sustainable seafood. We work with retailers and restaurateurs to help them implement sustainable seafood practices.

The Safina Center’s full list of seafood ratings contains more than 140 species.  All species are listed alphabetically within each color ranking. Please note that we only rate wild-caught, not farmed seafood.