The Safina Center

Playful Gray Whale CalfPlayful Gray Whale CalfPhoto taken by: Eddie Kisfaludy


Nature and Human Welfare

Nature and human welfare are deeply connected although at times the connection is lost, muddled, or overlooked.  Carl Safina, The Safina Center founder and MacArthur Fellow, illuminates our relationship with nature in the context of population, politics, and science.

How Many People Can the World Support? It Depends

Along the coast where I live, at almost any time of year I love to experience the energies of various migrations of birds and of fish and whales. I think of it as the real world, as natural.
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How to Make Population Growth Reverse Itself

Most people seem to think that to reverse population you’d need violence, epidemics, or forced sterilization. Actually, you need literacy; read on. Many other people think technology will save us.
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Water for All

All during spring and summer I love to watch the huge fish hawks called Ospreys building up their stick nests, then incubating their eggs, and then raising their chicks. How many chicks, how many Ospreys for that matter, depends on how much food.
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Science, Politics & Religion

When I was in high school, DDT and other pesticides had so thinned their eggshells that they could not bear their parents’ weight. I was a senior when the New York Times Magazine ran an article titled, “Death Comes To The Peregrine Falcon.” In grief, I saved the article.
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