The Safina Center

RT-TropicbirdPhoto taken by: Carl Safina

Meg Smith – Staff Member

Project Manager

I started working with The Safina Center (formerly Blue Ocean Institute) in 2007, and after taking a two year break to teach English, I’m back as Project Manager where my hats are many and colorful.  I have the pleasure of supporting various ocean-oriented projects and working directly with our very talented staff.  That being said, at Blue Ocean I’m rarely the smartest person in the room, but I’m always the tallest.

I received a BA in Communications from Marist College and also hold a BA in English Education from Stony Brook University.  I’m incredibly interested in educational technology and how we can use these tools to better communicate on a global scale.  As a result, I’m honored to work with The Safina Center in our effort to create a more knowledgeable constituency for conservation.

When I’m not working with these salty dogs, I enjoy traveling, reading, hot yoga, naps and crossword puzzles.  I’m also The Safina Center’s unofficial “Resident Vegan-In-Conflict” ever since Carl convinced me to go fishing with him.