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Sea Ethic – Dr. Carl Safina

Whether or not we can see, hear, or feel the ocean from our own home territory, the ocean certainly feels all of us. And how our ocean is faring reflects how humanity is faring. In extending our collective sense of community beyond humanity and below the high tide line, we call for a Sea Ethic.
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Blue Ocean Fellows

We’ve created a Fellows Program to bring new people with established reputations and recognized voices into the Blue Ocean ark. Blue Ocean Fellows are a few accomplished and innovative artists, authors, chefs and scientists. They will develop and articulate ideas that advance a much larger, and deeper, conservation discussion. First Fellows are author Paul Greenberg and shark expert, Dr. Demian Chapman.
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Sustainable Seafood

Not all seafood is created equal. Blue Ocean Institute’s From Sea to Table sustainable seafood program helps consumers, chefs, retailers and the medical community discover the connection between human health, a healthy ocean, fishing, and seafood. We translate seafood science so you can make informed choices.
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Next Wave Youth Education

Blue Ocean is devoted to educating kids of all ages about the wonders of the ocean and the need to protect it. Our collective educational efforts are called the Next Wave Youth Education Program. Dr. Carl Safina, Blue Ocean’s founding president, teaches classes at Stony Brook University’s Center for Communicating Science and in the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences.
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Blue Ocean Research & Conservation

Discovering the Ocean Our scientific research has focused  recently on an often overlooked yet ecologically important part of many ecosystems–sponges. Numbering over 8000 species,  they are common to many aquatic habitats from the Ross Shelf in Antarctica, Lake Baikal in Russia, rocky reefs in South Africa, to coral reefs throughout the Caribbean. Sponges are critical to […]
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Blue Ocean & The Arts

Each year we hear from artists whose work is inspired by the ocean–filmmakers, dancers, sculptors, painters and musicians. We pick one or two strategic collaborations yearly to inspire interest in ocean environments and inhabitants.
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