Blue Ocean Institute


Putting Teeth in Shark Conservation

Blue Ocean has begun an exciting new collaboration with our Stony Brook University colleague, Dr. Demian Chapman–an internationally recognized shark expert with almost a decade of experience working on sharks in Belize. Demian and his wife and collaborator, shark biologist, Debra Abercrombie are both Fellows with Blue Ocean Institute. Their work helps small, island nations strengthen their ability to identify illegal shark fishing and enforce recently established shark sanctuaries.

Abercrombie and Chapman’s innovative shark fin ID tools can be seen online. Their work helps provide much needed scientific research, training, outreach and DNA-testing tools which can then be used to help protect valuable marine sanctuaries worldwide. Plans for 2014 include workshops worldwide to teach customs and port officials how to identify shark fins to better regulate the shark fin trade and enforce new regulations designed to protect endangered shark species.