Safina Center Fellows

John Weller filming Guardians of Raja Ampat.

John Weller filming in Raja Ampat. Photo © Shawn Heinrichs.

We’ve created a Fellows Program to bring new people with established reputations and recognized voices into the Safina Center ark. Safina Center Fellows are accomplished and innovative authors, artists, conservationists and scientists. They develop and articulate ideas that advance a much larger, and deeper, conservation discussion.

“Our Fellows help boost our ability to be a thought-leading group, small in size and big in influence,” says founder, Carl Safina.

Working independently but inter-dependently as well, Safina Center Fellows create articles, opinion pieces, blogs, videos, workshops and other materials, greatly expanding our reach. Each Fellow is chosen based on his/her reputation and proven abilities to reach specific, key audiences.

Our five Safina Center Fellows are: