The Safina Center

Sockeye Salmon in breeding colors.Sockeye Salmon in breeding colors.Photo taken by: Carl Safina


Sustainable Seafood Program

Not all seafood is created equal.  The Safina Center’s Sustainable Seafood Program helps consumers, chefs, retailers and the medical community discover the connection between human health, a healthy ocean, fishing, and seafood. We translate seafood science so that you can make informed choices.

Whole Foods Market Partnership

The Safina Center’s partnership with Whole Foods Market (WFM) works like this: WFM uses the more than 160 seafood ratings prepared by The Safina Center and also by Monterey Bay Aquarium, to source responsibly caught seafood and to educate consumers at the Market’s seafood counters.
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Chefs & Ocean Health

Chefs are the gatekeepers of the seafood industry. They command a unique influence over the purchase, trade and consumption of seafood. By shifting toward more sustainable sources of seafood, chefs can improve ocean health.
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Seafood FAQs

How can I tell where the seafood at the store came from and how it was caught? Where can I go to find the best choices in seafood? Will the wait-staff at my favorite restaurant be able to answer my questions when I ask where a certain fish came from, or how it was caught?
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Ocean-Friendly Substitutes

Make the Switch! It’s easy to substitute ocean-friendly seafood in your kitchen–especially when you know which sustainable seafood will work in one of your favorite recipes that calls for something that’s not-so-ocean-friendly. Here’s a list of fish with environmental concerns and their more ocean-friendly replacements, recommended by Chef Barton Seaver.

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For Nutritionists & Medical Professionals

As nutrition and medical professionals, your guidance can contribute not only to your clients’ personal health, but also to the health of the ocean. By selecting healthy seafood choices that come from abundant, well-managed populations of wild fish or farms that promote robust habitat, your clients’ can support vibrant ocean ecosystems.

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Healthy Oceans Seafood Guide

The Safina Center has helped consumers discover the connection between a healthy ocean, fishing, and seafood since 2003. Our goal is to increase consumer understanding and drive extensive demand for sustainably caught seafood. We also encourage seafood industry retailers and restaurateurs to implement sustainable seafood practices. Explore this section for color-coded ratings for popular, wild-caught seafood.

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Green Chefs/Blue Ocean

Chefs have a unique chance to help shift the tide and ensure a seafood supply for the future. Green Chefs/Blue Ocean is a comprehensive, interactive online course and a sustainable seafood training program. Our goal is to educate and motivate chefs all over the country to buy and cook with sustainable seafood and ensure a seafood supply for the future.

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