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Coho salmon.Coho salmon.Photo taken by: Carl Safina

Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating. Bass, Black Sea – U.S. Atlantic, Hook and line These fish contain levels of mercury or PCBs that may pose a health risk to adults and children.

Black Sea Bass are caught among rocky structures by both recreational and commercial fishers. They begin life as females and become males by the time they’re five years old. Black Sea Bass populations were once depleted, but because of good management have now recovered to healthy abundances. Hook and line fishing has low impacts on seafloor habitats and typically low bycatch. We are currently updating this seafood rating.

Full species report here.


This fish may have high levels of mercury that could pose a health risk to adults and children. More info here about mercury in Black Sea Bass. Check out our mercury in seafood section.