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Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating. Cod, Atlantic – US bottom longline

Atlantic Cod in U.S. waters grow at moderate rates, mature between the ages of one and four years, and can live to be 20 years and older.

Abundance is low in both the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank populations, although there have been moderate increases in recent years resulting from better management of Cod and other groundfish.

The main fishing method for Atlantic Cod is bottom trawling, but a small percentage is also caught using bottom longlines. This fishing method causes low to moderate damage to the seafloor and results in medium levels of bycatch.

Atlantic cod has a very similar cousin on the west coast called Pacific Cod which is nearly an identical stand-in for most recipes. The same flaky yet dense flesh cooks with the same distinctive flavor and responds well to the wide variety of cooking methods usually used for Atlantic cod. Also try Pacific Ling Cod or Alaskan Walleye Pollock as a substitute.

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