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Some problems exist with this species' status or catch methods, or information is insufficient for evaluating. Crab, Snow and Tanner – US and Canada

The Snow and Tanner Crab fisheries, once classified as overfished, are in the process of rebuilding.

Snow Crabs become sexually mature around four years and Tanner Crabs about six years, and can produce hundreds of thousands of eggs.

Pots, which moderately impact the seafloor, are the only fishing equipment used to catch Snow and Tanner Crabs. Bycatch in the crab fishery is limited, and consists mostly of females and other Snow and Tanner male crabs that are under the legal size limit. Only male crabs over a certain size are kept.

Management has taken significant steps to protect Snow and Tanner Crabs from being overfished, but it is taking longer than expected for the populations to rebuild.

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