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Coho salmon.Coho salmon.Photo taken by: Carl Safina

Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management.
Octopus, Common (Tako) – Mauritania, Morocco and Vietnam These fish contain levels of mercury or PCBs that may pose a health risk to adults and children.

Common Octopus are wide-ranging and have short lifespans.

Some populations are declining due to heavy fishing pressure. Most Octopuses are caught using bottom trawls, causing habitat damage and bycatch of unwanted wildlife.

There is limited management and monitoring of the Octopus fisheries in these countries.

Full Seafood Watch species report here.

This fish may have moderately high levels of mercury that could pose a health risk to adults and children. More info here about mercury in octopus. Check out our mercury in seafood section.