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Species has a combination of problems such as overfishing, high bycatch, and poor management.
Plaice, American – Iceland

American Plaice is a flatfish that is widely distributed throughout the North Atlantic. It is slow growing, but matures early and has moderate fecundity (fertility).

In Iceland, catches of American Plaice increased from 1986 to peak at 6,400 tons in 1996, but have since drastically declined. In 2009 only 290 tons of American Plaice were landed and catch per unit effort is at a historic low.

More than 90% of American Plaice in Icelandic waters are caught with Danish seines, a fishing method which can damage the sea floor and catch moderates amounts of bycatch.

Due to the low abundance of American Plaice in Iceland, the Icelandic Marine Research Institute recommended that the total allowable catch for the 2010/2011 fishing year be set no higher than the amount that is likely to be caught as bycatch in other fisheries.

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