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Kings crowding ashore, Salisbury Plain, Falkland Islands by Carl Safina

Species is relatively abundant, and fishing methods cause little damage to habitat and other wildlife.
Shrimp, Spot – Alaska

Spot Shrimp are found in the North Pacific Ocean, from Japan to southern California. All Spot Shrimp begin life as males and transition to females during their second or third summer, and then remain females for the remainder of their life.

The primary fishery for Spot Shrimp in Alaska is the Southeast Alaska pot trap fishery, with pots fished as “single pots” or several attached to a longline. This fishing method can cause moderate levels of damage to the seafloor, but results in small amounts of bycatch, typically other Shrimp species.

Spot Shrimp have a medium abundance overall in Alaska, with some populations at relatively low numbers while abundance is high in other places.

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