Shell Game: recycling oyster shells to restore oyster beds

In many places where oysters once thrived, baby oysters are missing something that they need in order to grow: the shells of their ancestors. I know it sounds sort of romantic or symbolic, but it is literally the… Read More
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Sardine Sandwich, Anyone? Anyone???

by Roz Cummins I don’t know why, but the phrase “sardine sandwich” conjures up images of the Depression for me. Maybe I grew up watching too many cartoons from that era featuring hobos eating tins of sardines as… Read More
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Recipes for Seafood Main Dishes with Wine Pairing Suggestions

Jill Silverman Hough has just published a genuinely useful – as well as beautiful – book called 100 Perfect Pairings: main dishes to enjoy with wines you love. In it, she describes the characteristics of six white wines (Sauvignon… Read More
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