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Jan 20th

Ocean-friendly Seafood Research

Blue Ocean Institute offers many different formats for finding out whether a fish or shellfish is considered sustainable. Some people want to refer only to the color ranking available in stores or in seafood wallet guides. Others are satisfied with the short summary included in the wallet guides or via FishPhone. Still others read the entire seafood report on our website. Regardless of the format, the seafood information they use is based on many months of research.

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Feb 12th

Fishing Gear 101: Trawls – Bulldozers of the Ocean

We are often asked to describe various types of fishing gear and explain which ones are the most destructive to the ocean. Another frequent question is why our seafood ratings for a particular species differ depending on the fishing method used. To help answer these questions, we decided to create a Fishing Gear 101 blog series. In this series, we will describe how common types of gear work, what they catch, how they affect ocean wildlife and habitats, what technologies or regulations can help lessen the gear’s negative effects, and what we see as the path forward to ensure healthy oceans in the future.

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