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Welcome to our Safina Center videos selected by our staff as helpful in understanding marine conservation issues, Carl Safina's work, and general ocean appreciation and fascination. Enjoy!

What is Marine Debris?

What is Marine Debris? NOAA Marine debris has become one of the most pervasive pollution problems facing the world’s ocean and waterways.  Just what exactly is marine debris?  
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Voices for our Coast: Aquaculture Rally

On June 17th, 2011, the St. Mary’s Bay Coastal Alliance and the Ecology Action Centre held a rally at the Province House in Halifax to protest the recent approval on industrial size salmon feedlots in the productive waters of St. Mary’s Bay. Fishermen, tourism operators and other concerned citizens showed up to voice their concerns. […]
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Urban Aquaculture

Urban Aquaculture, GOOD Magazine Professor Martin Schreibman says our oceans have been overfished beyond repair. If we’re going to keep eating fish and chips, tuna tartare, and all those omega-3 fatty acids, we may have to rely on aquaculture.
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UN Warns Against Rapid Coastal Development

UN Warns Against Rapid Coastal Development, Al Jazeera A United Nations University report has warned against rapid coastal development for countries in the middle east.
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The View From Lazy Point Promo

A deeply personal book with a broadly global message, The View From Lazy Point is an exhilarating journey with a distinctly coastal flavor. In this intertwined story of humanity and the natural world, Safina shows that nature and human dignity require each other.
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The Truth About Bycatch

The Truth About Bycatch, Greenpeace Many sea creatures are the helpless victims of bycatch. They are caught in fishery operations and are usually tossed overboard either already dead or severely injured.
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The Serengeti Plain of Penguins with Carl Safina

Journey with Carl Safina to South Georgia Island where you can witness the “Serengeti of King Penguins.” It is one of the great wildlife spectacles on earth. See what the original earth was like before humans changed it. Here on the Salisbury Plains see the sheer abundance of wildlife which makes Carl Safina very happy.
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The Price of Gas

What’s the price of gasoline? In the U.S. it’s about $4 a gallon. But some experts say the true price of gas is much higher. What about the costs of pollution, and the global and local problems caused by it? Who pays for those? This animated feature from the Center for Investigative Reporting calculates the […]
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The Last Buffalo Hunt with Carl Safina

Each year nearly 100 million sharks are slaughtered. Most often their fins are cut off while they are still alive. Then the sharks are thrown back into the ocean where they drown or bleed to death.
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The Koch Brothers & Their Amazing Climate Denial Machine

The Koch Brothers & Their Amazing Climate Denial Machine, Hungry Beast A short animation detailing the effort of billionaires oil barons Charles & David Koch to undermine belief in climate change and prevent legislation that threatens their profits.
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